La Foule by Laurence Bonnel

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The human figure plays an essential role in the works of Laurence Bonnel. She creates in particular, architectural silhouettes, almost primitive, which emanate a grand presence. The motif of the human, that of couples and that of the crowd, is a recurrent and central in her imagination, and is purified with the formal stylization that immediately evokes the art of Giacometti, or the Cubist bodies of Zadkine.

‘‘A presence, in the absence. Solitude is the basis of Laurence Bonnel’s reflection, echoing on the dehumanized human, diverted from the other. The Silhouettes seem anchored in the face of the weight of forgetfulness and the passing of time. They are incapable of abstracting from a given environment, yet they soar towards the sky : Isolate, Confidence, Man on a Quest…‘‘. Laurence Bonnel

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