Tete de Faucon by Madeleine Van Der Knoop 375ex

7 200

Limited Edition of 375

Artist: Madeleine van der Knoop

Madeleine van der Knoop lives and works near Antwerp, Belgium. Known and recognized on the international scene for her bird sculptures, this talented artist has a special gift for representing animals with an intense realism. The sculptor perfectly transposes what she perceives in the right proportions, while adding a personal touch to her creations. 

A rich collaboration between Madeleine van der Knoop and Daum gives birth to a new work: the Falcon’s Head. This head of a falcon, similar to the head of the Royal Eagle proposed in the Daum collection, reveals the bold character of this beautiful animal. The sculpture mounted on a bronze base with dynamic lines, is accentuated with precious metals. This animal sculpture with a refined finish transcribes the exceptional know-how of Daum. 

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Weight 5.6 kg
Dimensions 16 × 26 × 39 cm


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