Blue grey ‘‘Le Majestueux‘‘

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Limited edition of 50 pieces

The Maison Daum presents the Thoroughbred Arab in a blue grey version. The colour of this originated from the Greek mythology. According to the myths, Poseidon, the God of the sea, aimed to create the most beautiful animal that the world had ever seen. Thus, the horse was born. Created with the trident of Poseidon, this animal was men’s first view of the horse when it arose from the sea.

The Thoroughbred Arab is from the Middle East and is one of the most ancient breeds (it is estimated to be about 4500 years old, as traces of its existence were found in Mesopotamia). This horse is used to living in a harsh arid climate and is very tough and resistant due to its way of life. Docile, fast and brave, Daum’s master glassmakers have conveyed the main characteristics of this horse to its expressive head and its raised tail. Its royal appearance is glorified by this piece of crystal work in a splendid blue and grey coat.

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Amber, Blue



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