Lys d’Eau by Marie-Paule Deville Chabrolle

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Limited Edition of 125 pieces.

‘‘Lys d’eau I am only a diagonal full of emotions, memories, tastes, and past lovers transmuted in the solitude of the workshop. Before becoming a sculpture, “Lys d’Eau” was at first, a perfume, a sweet and warm summer afternoon, a river of shade under the trees, a man who will gather water lilies in a stream to replant them in a fountain of a house… The perfume still… mixed with that of the white lilies of the garden.

What do we know of our hearts and hands mingling with the earth, when a sculpture is created under our fingers? We know everything that has been collected from emotion, from the moment… then we forget about it to see it reappear in the most secret of the earth. But which artist can say that he was never satisfied? That after the earth, he would not want to sculpt the sky or the clouds…with time why not…if he has found the way to do it.

When Daum came into my life, I realized that the light and the elusive colours of the sky were made possible to carve. How could I have resisted? I confided my first sculptures impatiently to see how my earth, so heavy and full, could have colour, transparency and light… It was so beautiful yet so different…so began our collaboration. I confided my earth to them, so that alchemy takes place, giving me light and dazzling colors that cross the sky.

My wonder still lasts with each new sculpture.’’

Marie-Paule Deville-Chabrolle

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Weight 28.2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 26 × 86 cm

Marie-Paule Deville Chabrolle


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