New collections

Zig Zag by Victoria Wilmotte

Victoria has always developed a special interest in materials, shapes, and manufacturing processes, both industrial and artisanal. Mineral and steel remain a field she particularly prefers, and she has a methodical fascination and meticulous approach to that of a sculptor, which led to the collaboration with the Daum manufacturer. Today, she conveys her sculptural and radical style in crystal, with the ultra contemporary collection.
collection Jardin de cactus cristal

Jardin de Cactus by Emilio Robba

A creator of many floral collections for Daum and inspired by the nature and trends of interior design, Emilio Robba has created for Daum an extraordinary cactus garden where the delicacy of the crystal contrasts with the toughness of the cactus. Intense colours and refined details capture the beauty of nature and reveal the know-how of the Daum craftsmanship.


collection luo vol de mon amour

Vol De Mon Amour by Luo Li Rong

In the presence of her works the spectator is immediately touched by the extreme delicacy of the modelling and the great sensuality that emanates from it. This mastery, as remarkable as it may be, disappears, however, in favour of the expression of its subject. The artist invites us not to remain at the stage of fascination with forms and appearances, but rather to go further still towards the spirit of the model. Thus, the veils, the passage of the wind in the hair echo, above all, the inner world of the subject.
collection villegle cristal

Love by Jacques Villeglé 25ex

Signed by Jacques Villeglé, LOVE is a work of art full of symbols that inaugurates the art season at Daum. In four letters, the artist plunges us into his vibrant atmosphere of street art, and imagines a dynamic interpretation of the themes of love, culture and politics.

Tête de Faucon by Madeleine Van Der Knoop 375ex

A rich collaboration between Madeleine van der Knoop and Daum gives birth to a new work: the Falcon’s Head. This head of a falcon, similar to the head of the Royal Eagle proposed in the Daum collection, reveals the bold character of this beautiful animal. The sculpture mounted on a bronze base with dynamic lines, is accentuated with precious metals. This animal sculpture with a refined finish transcribes the exceptional know-how of Daum.
collection arum cristal-

Collection Arum

Subtle and elegant, the Arum collection imposes its style in the new floral collection of the Maison Daum. A Mediterranean flower in the family of Araceae, the crystal manufacturer creates a magical species where the material blends with the curves of the flowers.
collection tulipe cristal

Collection Tulipe

Daum enriches its famous Tulip collection with a new, extremely refined piece: The large red Tulip vase with a gold leaf finish. This particular ancestral know-how requires a great mastery. The gilder applies and assembles delicately by hand, pieces of gold leaves on the Daum crystal paste. Following the outline of the petals, the gilding adds a precious touch and accentuates the delicate work of the sculpture of the Tulip vase.
rose eternelle cristal

Collection Rose Romance

Daum writes its odyssey of the Rose in honour of its 140 years of creation. A symbol of love, emotion and sentiments, the queen of flowers incarnates the passion that has been driving the Maison for 140 years.
collection cavalcade cristal

Collection Cavalcade

An iconic theme of the Maison Daum, the Cavalcade collection is revisited with the introduction of new pieces. Daum offers desk accessories, a finely sculpted rearing Arabian horse and vases.


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