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banniere fleur paon

Fleur de Paon Collection

The Fleur de Paon collection is more than ever the image of the crystal manufacturer. Colourful and delicate, it draws its inspiration from the most beautiful pomp of this mythical animal. Exactly 100 years after the Plume de Paon collection launched in 1919, Daum draws from its archives and imagines a collection, a crossing between Art Nouveau and the current trends of palms and exotic leaves from the jungles of Asia. The shimmering plumage of the green peacock mingles with the green foliage to compose a wide bouquet of green with bluish tints and touches of warm amber. Each reflection, each colour will come to life in these delicately worked crystal pie


Jardin de Cactus by Emilio Robba

Emilio Robba is one of the most recognized Floral Art designers in the world. Born into a family of artists, he quickly became captivated by the artistic world. He first chose to express himself through painting, studying the language of forms and colours at the Beaux-Arts. He then turned very quickly to floral art, guided by his fascination with nature.

Inspired by the nature and trends of interior design, Emilio Robba has created for Daum an extraordinary cactus garden. The collection is enriched this season with a sculpture over 1 meter tall, which testifies to the exceptional know-how of the craftsmen of the manufacturer. This spectacular decoration piece in crystal carved with meticulous details, is accompanied by a large agave leaf centrepiece in soft shades of green, and a cactus vase proposed in nuances of grey-white or green.


Tendresse by Laurence Bonnel

Born in 1976 in Paris, Laurence Bonnel discovered the art of sculpture in 1998, through her Art History and Literature courses that revolved around the figure of the artist.
The human figure plays an essential role in the works of Laurence Bonnel. She creates in particular, architectural silhouettes, almost primitive, which emanate a grand presence.

Daum unveils Tendresse, a new work of art with Laurence Bonnel. This refined, slender and stylized sculpture takes up the theme of the human figure and particular that of the couple, which is central in her work.

“I have always been fascinated by the know-how. I opened a gallery in which I expose art furniture and works with a common characteristic: the excellence of realization.
The discovery of the Daum workshops was part of my passion toward the arts and crafts. This particular relationship with the biggest artists of its time for more than a century, has been a part of Daum well before many other luxury brands, creating a very strong link with Art.

For me, crystal remains a magical and mysterious material. During the visit to the Daum workshops, I realized that the work is quite similar to that of the bronze foundry, even though the material is quite the opposite: fragile and unpredictable. Each sculpture, however reproducible, takes life differently, and becomes unique. Thanks to the know-how of Daum, the crystal gives a new meaning, a particular emotion, to my work.”

Laurence Bonnel


Darling by Sylvie Mangaud

Sylvie Mangaud born in Paris in 1961 is a French artist whose nudes and animals are her preferred fields of expression. After her studies in graphology and morphology, she quickly became passionate about the image and expression of the body. Her creations are light and full of fineness, capturing their elegance and natural movement. Her sculptures in Daum crystal are delicate and sensual as her new art work “Darling”, full of grace and sensuality.

The Maison Daum honours the theme of women once again with Darling. This work of art emanates a great elegance with her slender silhouette and subtle shades of green, amber and grey.


Timeless by Manu Katché

The phenomenon of French music, Manu Katché is invited by Daum to imagine a musical universe in crystal. The artist takes the craftsmen of the Maison Daum into his world by giving them a new collection: Timeless. It all starts with a meeting, a desire of two French icons to unite and interpret music differently. For Daum, the artist plays with rhythm and colours by crystallizing a universal symbol, the note. The Timeless collection presents two musical notes in black and blue crystal. With this contemporary edition, Manu Katché takes us on a musical journey with a work of art in a limited edition of 500. Blue for energy and black for style, these notes become a unique imprint of the artist. Through this new collaboration, Daum demonstrates its vision of the crafts of tomorrow and chooses to be resolutely modern in style and colours.


Arum Collection

This season, the elegant Arum collection is available in amber pink, a subtle and feminine nuance that contrasts with Arum Bleu Nuit, an intense and deep coloured collection. These soft tones bring grace and delicacy to this model, a quintessence of the floral style of the Maison Daum. In the form of vases, bowls, decorative flowers or perfume bottles, Arum invites us to appreciate floral art.


Tulipe Collection

The majestic Red Tulip vase is adorned with gold for a very precious limited edition. The unique vase with its refined curves, its impressive dimensions and its intense red colour, becomes rare and exclusive with the gold leaf finish, highlighting the delicate sculpture work of the craftsmen of the manufacturer.


Rose Passion Collection

An icon since the 1900s, the rose is reinterpreted by Daum according to the seasons. In white, blue, purple, red, orange and now in powder pink, the queen of flowers adopts a romantic style. Daum the legendary crystal glassware and master of details invites you to discover the most romantic of flowers. In January 2020, the Rose Passion collection is revealed with a new delicately feminine shade. Elegant and surprising, this powder pink colour illuminates this emblematic collection with a majestic vase.


visuel art animalier daum

Horse head sculpture

The beauty of the Arabian Thoroughbred is accentuated once again with the creation of the Horse Head sculpture. This meticulously sculpted piece reveals the minute details of the majestic animal, down to its structured muscles and wild mane. In a warm shade of amber, this sculpture perfectly reflects the fiery spirit of this handsome creature.


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