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Daum invites you to discover its new collections in an exceptional setting, an incredible villa signed by architect Jacques Couëlle (Elected member of the Academy of Fine Arts)

Mer de Corail

This season at Daum, imagination and creation take us to the depths of the coral reefs to explore the incredible richness of the underwater life, inhabited by thousands of animal and plant species, adorned with fascinating colours and extravagant shapes.

The creation and know-how of Daum are dedicated to this sublime secret nature, conjuring vases, centrepieces and extraordinary animals, in eclectic forms with subtle mixtures of colours, of which Daum possesses the secret.
Precious coral structures frozen in crystal, and animal species in hypnotizing colours inhabiting the seas of the world, emerge from this underwater garden. Each piece in this collection is a unique sculpture, bursting with colour in freely expressed shapes.

The Mer de Corail collection inspires us on a journey without borders. The infinite beauty of the sea is poetically introduced into our living spaces.


Fleur de Paon Collection

The Fleur de Paon collection is highlighted once again with the launch of two exceptional limited edition vases. Paying tribute to the wonders of nature, Fleur de Paon celebrates the vibrant jungle life with this half-plant, half- animal imaginative theme.

This collection demonstrates all the know-how of the crystal manufacturer, its perfect mastery of details, of finely sculpted motifs, and of colours. The Art of blending colours is revealed to obtain these subtle effects, the nuances of green and blue, accentuated by touches of warm amber.

Daum offers two new creations this season: a majestic vase of impressive dimensions, mounted on a patinated bronze base. The creation of this prestigious piece required more than 500 hours of work, and all the unique know-how of the artisans of the crystal manufacturer. A vase adorned with precious gold leaf finishes is also revealed. The ancestral technique of applying gold leaf by hand is realized in our ateliers..


Arum Collection

As an earnest supporter of the French art scene and a crystal manufacturer deeply rooted in Nancy’s history, it is only natural that Daum instigated a new collaboration with this local artist. The Maison Daum crystallizes the powerful gorillas of the artist. Initially works in iron and steel, created from the fusion of recovered nuts, screws and bolts, they are transposed in crystal paste, this fragile, soft material with subtle colours, and arouse a new emotion. The crystal manufacturer, master of the crystal paste, stays true to the favourite material of the artist, and unveils a perfect reinterpretation masterpiece of the rendering of the fusion of metals.


Yeelen by Gérald Vatrin

La rencontre avec Daum, la célèbre cristallerie inscrite dans le patrimoine de Nancy, ville d’origine de l’artiste, se fait tout naturellement autour de leur savoir-faire et de leur connaissance de la matière. De cette matière translucide, qui capte la lumière et semble vivante, emprisonnant des bulles d’air en prenant sa forme, est né Yeelen signifiant Lumière en Bambara, langue du Mali où l’artiste a vécu quatorze ans.

« L’architecture de la pièce a été construite en rapport au nombre d’or 1,618 ce qui confère un équilibre parfait entre le plein et le vide. Le vide, la lumière sont les éléments essentiels de la pièce, qui magnifient à merveille la matière « la pâte de cristal » au travers d’un savant mélange de couleurs dont seul Daum a le secret. Les pièces présentent un équilibre complexe défini par une forme simple et un évidement, jouant des différentes épaisseurs de la matière afin que la lumière circule. L’ensemble de la pièce est un résumé de mon travail d’artiste que Daum a su magnifier. » Gérald Vatrin

La finition unique de l’œuvre d’art a été réalisée avec une technique bien particulière propre à l’artiste. Le cristal est sublimé par ces effets givrés, craquelés, qui lui confèrent une beauté fascinante.


Départ by Laurence Bonnel

“I have always been fascinated by the “know-how”. I opened a gallery in which I exhibit art furniture and works with a common characteristic: the excellence of realization. The discovery of the Daum workshops was part of my passion toward the arts and crafts. This particular relationship with the biggest artists of the time for more than a century has been a part of Daum, well before many other luxury brands, creating a very strong link with Art. For me, the crystal remains a magical and mysterious matter. During the visit to the Daum workshops, I realized that the work is quite similar to that of the bronze foundry, even though the material is quite the opposite: fragile and unpredictable. Each sculpture, however reproducible, takes life differently, and becomes unique. Thanks to the know-how of Daum, the crystal gives a new meaning, a particular emotion, to my work.” – Laurence Bonnel

The Couple, one of the artist’s favourite themes, is presented once again with the blue green Départ. Originally launched in September 2017, “Départ” quickly became one of the most sought-after works of the artist. Her iconic work of art is given a second life with an edition in blue green. Paying tribute to the universal symbol of love, the silhouettes crystallize an emotional story. The sculpture touches us with its elegance and softness.


Head of Lion By Patrick Villas

Patrick Villas possesses an extraordinary gift in observation and produces meticulous studies of animal life. The artist has a particular passion for felines.

His work is far from the smooth and shiny animal bronzes of the 19th century. Patrick Villas prefers a more raw, more energetic approach to the material, always remaining faithful to the traits and character of the animal. His works preserve all the modeling traces. This roughness, these asperities give even more presence to his sculptures, which we can observe in this new work of art: a majestic Lion Head, of spectacular dimensions.

The sculpture exudes exceptional strength. All the power and elegance of the animal emerge from this Daum crystal work. The crystal in flamboyant amber tones captures the light and creates a vivid interaction with the work. The lion’s head is placed on a stone base. The raw finish and the presence of fragments of material recall the style of Patrick Villas.


Coeur Passion

The Maison Daum celebrates Love with “Passion”, a charming decorative object embodying the universal symbol of love. A bundle of flying hearts, this piece reflects one’s appreciation towards loved ones, and reminds us of cherished moments.


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