Le 53

Daum invites you to discover Le 53, a secret address in Paris where art lovers come together and share their discoveries. On the occasion of presenting its new collection, the Maison Daum takes over this enigmatic venue and opens its doors for the first time to initiated members of Daum. A cross between an art gallery and a collector’s apartment, Le 53 comes alive in the colours of Daum for the launch of its new collection.


Since 1968, the crystal manufacturer has collaborated with the greatest artists of their time, to magnify their Art. Timeless artworks have been created with the unique manufacturing technique of Daum, combining lost-wax and crystal paste. The crystal manufacturer immerses you in an exclusive virtual tour of this atypical place, where one can discover works of art hidden behind every corner. From animal art to street art, the Maison from Nancy has no limits, and reveals unequivocal modernity.

For this edition, Daum presents a scenography dedicated to its most beautiful signatures of the moment. The visit begins with the collection created with JonOne, an international street artist who imposes his style in the Art catalogue of the Maison. This strong collaboration places the crystal manufacturer at the centre of contemporary art.

Vases Crystal Rock by JonOne

Gorilles by Jean-No

Then, as an earnest supporter of the French art scene, Daum presents a crystallized interpretation of the iconic Gorillas by the Nancy designer, Jean-No. Throughout this exhibition, Daum devotes an important place to figurative art. You will be able to discover a reinterpretation of the work “Vol de Mon Amour” by the Chinese artist, Luo Li Rong, or “A Cœur Battant”, a new sculpture radiating grace and femininity, by Marie-Paule Deville-Chabrolle. For this new season, Belgian artist Madeleine van der Knoop presents the “Parade du Paon” in a limited edition of 50.

Deeply rooted in icons of Decorative Arts, Daum reveals a new interpretation of the floral universe, with the Rose Passion and Fleur de Paon collections. Finally, in this artistic journey, the Maison invites you to rediscover magnificent works signed by Jacques Villeglé, Pedro Ramirez Vasquez, Kongo, Sylvie Mangaud, Manu Katché, and Woleck & Bollié, along with pieces designed by designers such as Emilio Robba and Victoria Wilmotte.

This year the Maison Daum invites you to a unique experience with the virtual discovery of its masterpieces, presented in the form of a Parisian contemporary art exhibition in an unusual venue.

La parade du Paon by Madelain Van der Knoop

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