Origine by Gims

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4 essential letters in today’s world – Gims, who has become an icon of French urban pop, has been captivating us for several years now. Today, he surprises us and reveals his multiple talents with the creation of a work of art in crystal signed with the Maison Daum.

After studying at the Beaux Arts (graphic design and communication – applied arts), Gims kept his artistic streak alive and realized his dream by touching various fields. Passionate about know-how, he took up the challenge to design and to create his first work of art in France by one of the most beautiful French luxury Maisons.

Origine by GIMS

Limited edition of 8

H: 22” Ø: 12.2” 62.9 lbs
Available in pre-oder /Sale from April 15th 2021


His creation, a sculpture-like vase with the features of African masks with Art Deco influences, is the reflection of his bicultural background between France and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Inspired by his roots, Gims wanted to “pay tribute to Africa” with his “Origine” vase, in a limited edition of 8. With an almost lyrical interpretation and pure contemporary lines, Gims highlights his artistic influences to create a hollow blue vase, 56 cm tall.

With the stroke of a pen, he shared his African origins with Daum, thus allowing the craftsmen of the modelling atelier of the crystal manufacturer to use the finest tool of man, namely, their own two hands, to work the clay to build the general shapes and to sketch the lines and arches that make up the masks.

The vase represents 4 masks with subtle contrasts offering a new perspective with each viewing angle, through the play of different symmetries and rhythms according to the details. The upper part of the work reveals an African headdress in a freer style, recalling a piece of fabric in the wind. The body of the vase is connected by a patinated bronze ring with an irregular pattern that recalls again the work of the hand. More than 7 months were required for the birth of this work of art in crystal paste. The ocean blue chosen by Gims is a colour offering a very delicate gradation between the different thickness of the material. From the bottom to the top, the colour lightens and increases the sensation of height of this sculpture-vase. The polished finish accentuates the strong lines and adds shine and relief. With its exceptional know-how, the Daum crystal manufacturer invites itself in the most authentic way into the universe of the multi-talented artist Gims.

Dimensions 56 cm
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